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I am very passionate about fishing and have great respect for the art of fly fishing . I can attest that for the past four years I have dedicated any spare moment to pursuing fish . I have organized and executed over fifty week-long fishing trips per year : exploring countless fisheries in the Pacific Northwest . In the spring, I live in Talkeetna, Alaska from May 1st -October 1st. For the past three years the Matanuska- Susitna Valley and further North into Denali National Forrest has provided me with countless experience fishing and catching : Trout, Northern Pike and Arctic Grayling. Interior Alaska fishing including the Kenai- Peninsula, offers endless creeks ,and rivers to wade-fish and explore with an abundance of large fish. In the fall and through winter I spend time off the coast of Washington State chasing steelhead. Thanks for Reading , Fish-on
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I would Rather be Lucky than Good ANYDAY !
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